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I am a professional freelance photographer and filmmaker with over 20 years experience in the media business. Most of my work comes from commercial commissions for photography or stop motion animation.


About 40% of my work comes from stock photography and video and it is this subject that I want to discuss on this site and in my blog posts.


Stock photography and stock footage is an incredibly exciting subject. Photographers of all abilities can get into stock work, and it is open for those who want to dabble but equally for those who want to aspire to building large collections of work that sell and sell.


Whether you are new to photography, new to stock libraries or a seasoned campaigner, this site is for you. I will be producing regular blogs and podcasts to explain how I went from a photographer with 200 images to a professional stock person with thousands of photographs and media pieces in agencies that now sell around the globe.


Through these posts I will discuss how to get the best from your mobile, how to shoot models and how to produce video clips and animation clips that are in demand.


I want to open the site to others too, so I am keen to hear your stories about stock work - good and bad. If you need advice, ping a message over to me.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy.